Compatibility of the Zodiac Chinese: Pig and Dog

There is a lot of physical chemistry between the two. The Dog is the morose of the two, but the Pig will find one Fçon to reinforce the Dog. The Pig is the funny person in the report, but the Dog understands the Pig and will offer a lot of support faithful to the Pig. When the Dog feels worried or nervous the Pig be help lto the Dog to solve the mystery.

Guzzle the Personality
The pigs are very restful, understanding, tolerant individuals that living life to the fullest. If they don\'t have anything intéressant to make some Pigs will immerse them in the tasks of the house and make it to perfection. The pigs are même peace the loving individuals and they will make whatever out of regard for family and friends.

The pigs are of big spendthrifts of the money of the time. They like the good food, v,êtements, jewelry and elegant houses. They will feel good in all profession that asks for the créativité. They are trof enthusiasts when he/it comes to take the responsibility and will also jump in to give a hand of the portion to the colleagues.

The pigs are very strong mates. They make some lovers trof hot and understanding but behind closed when their partner becomes too stubborn. The pigs are individuals trof hot but they can enter through as reserved in public. The pigs are thirsty for the knowledge. Because of this nature they make never is pierced easily with life.

Personality of the dog
The Dogs like their animal equivalent rightly is nice and very faithful. They are intelligent, confidence-worthy, understanding and attentive. In fact people of the Dog are so attentive that they can to be a little to overwhelm and they worry as well as they tend to walk on all situation that even implies a friend and control of the registration when he/it doesn\'t concern them directly. People sometimes think that they are loud but in réalité they mean rightly well and are of good individuals.

The dogs are hard-working individuals but they like to relax also and to like good food after work of one day hard. Même when they are not the active Dogs have tendency to be active.

The dogs are very sensitive people and they have this idea that other cannot be attached also as they are. But when they are in love they are trof faithful and committed. The dogs are the donors in a report and they have a tendency to glue even with a report when it is bad until he/it comes to one point when he/it becomes intolerable.

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